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Dr Chris Richter is a biomechanist with extensive experience in data science and technology. Chris has been capturing movement for more than 10 years and has worked with any motion capture technology available. Currently, he is working on developing and implementing a biomarker R&D strategy to fully utilize Kaia’s computer vision movement capture technology, which is used to guide remote rehabilitation.

For the last 10 years, Chris has been involved in clinical and research projects as Head of Data Analytics and Innovation at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. During this time, Chris has contributed to / published 80+ papers and has been acting as reviewer for 15+ scientific journals. In addition to the scientific work, Chris has also tackled many questions in respect to movement analysis in professional sports for various NBA and Premier League teams.


chris had been working in academic, clinical and professional environments as well as in business intelligence.

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during his academic, clinical and professional appointments, chris has published / contributed to 60+ peer reviewed journal paper. He is also serving as a reviewer for 15+ journals and has been presenting his work all over the world.

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